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The ongoing pandemic has affected all of us in many different ways, and for you adventurous types among us it may feel as though your wings have been clipped. However, there are still many ways you can quench your thirst for adventure, even if current restrictions don’t allow you to go much further than the perimeter of your back garden. So whether you’re under a local lockdown or not we’re going to share with you five different ways you can explore your adventurous side without putting yourself and others at risk.
Whether you’re a keen camper or not, our transformational tips will show you how to turn a mundane camping trip into a luxury glamping holiday!
How can we still remain active and healthy throughout this new lockdown? Well, one great way is by walking more. We share our tips for staying active through walking below.
Wild swimming is a fantastically invigorating sport and hobby with a ton of potential benefits. Those who do it regularly will tell you: thereís no need to stop when the weather gets cold! Whether youíve never taken a wild dip or youíre a seasoned wild swimmer looking for new spots to try, our list of wild swimming places will have you eager to pop on your swimming cap and whip out your wetsuit (Unless youíre brave enough to go in without that is!).
Choosing a roof bar for your Honda CR-V is easy with our handy Thule roof bar guide, read on to find out a little bit about the best roof bars for your Honda CR-V.
Each Audi a5 model embodies chic, modern design and boasts superior performance. Such a premium car deserves an exceptional roof bar which is why we choose to supply our customers with Thule products.
If youíre a keen outdoor enthusiast and youíre eager to get out there and get cycling this spring, let us tempt you with our range of cycle carrier accessories, designed to make your trips as easy and smooth sailing as possible.
Spring is a great season for first time campers: the weather is warm and mild, flowers and plants are in full bloom and there’s a ton of wildlife to spot. Let us help you get sorted for your first trip with our first timers packing guide.
Audi is a brand recognised for its quality and style and the A3 range is no exception. A total of four models make up the range, making it Audiís most versatile model series. Whether youíre the sporty, adventurous type, have a young family or you require a stylish model to take you from A to B, the A3 range offers something for everyone.
The jeep renegade is a superb exploring vehicle, built to withstand a variety of terrain and weather conditions.  We have a range of Thule roof bars and fitting kits suitable for the Jeep Renegade. Our range ioncludes the thule wingbar, slidebar squarebar and wingbar edge.
The diverse ability and chic style of the Cherokee make it an SUV suited to a variety of lifestyles. Such a state of the art vehicle deserves a state of the art roof bar which is why we offer a range of Thule roof bars and roof bar fitting kits
Thule offer a range of products to help support active, outdoor lifestyles. Thule’s EasyFold products allow you to safely transport your bike via car. The Thule EasyFold range is ideal for cyclists who love to explore.
If you’re planning a long distance drive with the family, make sure you make it a trip to remember with our 5 road trip tips.
It’s common knowledge to most sensible road users that a few checks need to be carried out before we embark on a longer journey than usual. However, whilst the standard tyre pressure and fluid level checks are important, there’s more we can do as car owners to stay safe on the road and enjoy each journey.
Roof bars can be beneficial to a huge variety of lifestyles, from busy parents to sporty outdoors people. If you’re buying a roof bar for the first time, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing model we can help you find the right one.
Whether you’ve welcomed winter with open arms or you can’t wait for it to be over, it’s important that all road users take extra precautions, to reduce the risk of accidents this season. Read on to find out the steps you can take to help keep you and your fellow drivers safe on the road this winter.
For many of us, the time we spend outside in winter is few and far between. As work, travel and home life demands our schedule there is little time left for outdoor recreation. However, we humans were not designed to be cooped up indoors for the majority of our life, in fact quite the opposite.
Every Thule roof box has been designed to ensure fitting is easy, safe and quick. Read on to find out how to fit your Thule roof box.
Owning a caravan brings a great amount of freedom, but as the saying goes, with great freedom comes great responsibility. As a caravan user/owner itís important that you take some precautions to protect yourself and your belongings as you travel.
It can be difficult as a parent/carer to find the balance between allowing your children freedom and keeping them safe. Itís also easy to become over cautious as a parent, especially whilst your family is away on holiday. Thankfully, however, we have put together a list of tips to help keep your kids safe and your mind sane on your next caravan holiday.
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