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Thule Roof Bar Systems for a Wide selection of Jeep Models

At the towing centre we have a selection of Jeep roof bars to fit a range of models. All our roof bars are from the leading roof bar and lifestyle accessory manufacturer Thule. The Thule roof bar range includes a variety of roof bar styles, from the standard square bar to more premium, aerodynamic designs such as the Thule Wingbar, Wingbar Edge. We also stock Thule Slidebars which are excellent for taller vehicles or loading heavier equipment.

Our Thule roof bar guide allows you to make sure you choose the appropriate fitting kit, footpack and roof bar size for your Jeep. Simply choose your Jeep model from the list and browse through our range of roof bar systems. Whether you require a full roof bar system or just a part, our Jeep roof bar guide makes it easy to buy exactly what you need.