Universal wiring for aftermarket towbars-  which should I choose?

Manufactures have in recent years introduced vehicle specific wiring kits, but you can still have Universal wiring done on your car and have peace of mind that you are driving legally and safely . The key thing is to have your towbar professionally fitted with a lifetime guarantee. 
What you will get with Universal wiring at a glance:-
Competitive price
Compliance with the law in terms of lighting requirements
Audible warning on trailer indicators
No need to worry about overload on the interface relay
If you are looking for a lower cost option as opposed to the manufacture specific towbar, there are a few things you need to consider. 
1. Parking sensors and fog lights are not disabled when towing as they would with vehicle specific wiring, but universal wiring can still provide all the lighting required to tow a caravan or trailer and an audible warning for trailer indicators.
2. Trailer stability control (if fitted to your car) may not be activated when universal wiring is installed. We recommend for your safety, that if you have Trailer Stability Control, vehicle specific wiring is the right option.
3. The manufacturers warranties will say that in order to ensure full cover, you should have vehicle specific towbar wiring. It is worth noting that the warranty will still be valid for everything not directly affected by the towbar wiring. We will install universal wiring to the highest standard, keeping to the absolute minimum any problems directly arising from the towbar wiring.
4. A small increase in power to operate the lights on your trailer or caravan will occur when universal wiring is installed. This is minimal and will not overload the interface relay. 
5. There are some exceptions to the rule where a vehicle specific kit should always be fitted.  Call us for further information or if you have any questions.