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Towbar Mounted Accessories
thule EasyBase 949
Thule EasyBase 949
The tow ball mounted flexible transport solution.
Thule Light Board 976
Thule Light Board 976
Lightboard with 7 pin Plug - Requires accessory Thule 9907 to fit a 13 pin socket
Thule Adaptor 9761
Thule Adaptor 9761
Mounting Bracket to enable a 976 light board to be fitted to a 972 Thule HangOn or 970 Xpress
Thule adapter 9772
Thule Wheel adapters 9772
Wheel Rim adapters - Protects wheel rims from being scratched
£9.95 £12.50
Thule 9172 Ramp
Thule Loading Ramp XT 9172
£51.95 £52.95
Thule FatBike straps 985
Thule XXL Fatbike Wheel Straps 985
Extra long replacement wheel straps for securing very large fat bike wheels
Thule Bike adapter 9381
Thule Bike adapter 9381
Increase the capacity of a Thule VeloSpace XT by one bike
Out Of Stock
Thule Bike adapter 9382
Thule BackSpace XT 3rd Bike Arm 9382
Enables a bike to be transported in addition to the BackSpace XT Carge box
Out Of Stock
Thule Adaptor 9394
Thule VeloSpace XT 3-Bike Spare Wheel adapter 9394
Adapter 9394 for fitting the Thule VeloSpace XT 3 to cars with exterior spare wheel.
Thule Bike adapter 9382
Thule BackSpace XT 4th Bike Arm 9392
Enables a bike to be transported in addition to the BackSpace XT Carge box
£129.95 £142.50
thule backup box 900
Thule BackUp Box 900
thule Easybag 948
Thule EasyBag 948-4
Easy accessible and foldable transport solution for rear of car
£224.95 £231.00
Out Of Stock
thule easyfold carrying bag 9344
Thule EasyFold XT 3 bike Carrying Bag 9344
An EasyFold Carrying Bag will protect both the carrier & car when carrying & storing a Thule EasyFold cycle carrier.
thule wheel strap locks pair 986
Thule Wheel Strap Locks Pair 986
Thule Wheel Strap Locks A locking kit to lock the bike rackís wheel straps for extra theft protection.
£10.50 £11.00
thule loading ramp 9334
Thule Folding Loading Ramp 9334
Convenient foldable ramp for easy loading and unloading of your bikes.
£51.95 £52.95
thule easyfold carrying bag 931-1
Thule EasyFold Carrying Bag 931-1
EasyFold Carrying Bags will protect carrier & car when carrying & storing a Thule EasyFold cycle carrier
£38.95 £39.95
thule loading ramp 9152
Thule Loading Ramp 9152
Convenient removable ramp for easy loading and unloading of your bikes.
thule lock 957
Thule Lock 957
For locking the Thule HangOn 972/974/9708, Thule RideOn 9502/9503 or Thule EasyBase 949 bike carriers to the tow bar.
thule transport wheel 9173
Thule Transport Wheel 9173
Convenient transportation wheel for the easiest transportation of your bike carrier to and from the car.
£29.95 £30.00
thule bike frame adapter 982
Thule Bike Frame Adapter 982
Frame adapter for easiest possible fitting of bikes with non-standard frames (e.g. ladiesí bikes, BMXs, downhill bikes).
thule acutight knob 528
Thule AcuTight Knob 528
A torque limiter accessory for rear mounted bike carriers with frame holders - replacing the standard knob.
Out Of Stock
thule carbon frame protector 984
Thule Carbon Frame Protector 984101
Thule Carbon Frame Protector 984 An adapter to enable safe transport of bikes with carbon frames.
£21.95 £22.95
thule velocompact spare wheel adapter 924-1
Thule VeloCompact Spare wheel adapter 924-1
Adapter for Thule VeloCompact Bike Carriers - Takes the place of one bike
£79.95 £81.00
Out Of Stock
thule backspace cargo box 9171
Thule BackSpace XT 9383 Cargo Box
Lightweight, durable rear cargo box that fits on to a VeloSpace tow ball mounted bike carrier
£514.95 £536.00
thule velocompact 4th bike adapter 9261
Thule VeloCompact 4th Bike Adapter 9261
Increase the capacity of your Thule VeloCompact 927 carrier from 3 to 4 bike carrier.