Jockey Wheels
Kartt Premium 43mm Jockey Wheel KJW43L
Kartt Premium jockey wheel with smooth outer tube. 43mm. dia. tube, Solid rubber tyre on metal rim.
Kartt Premium 48mm Jockey Wheel Heavy Duty KJW4805
Kartt Orange Premium 48mm smooth medium duty jockey with 200mm x 56mm metal wheel & rubber tyre Max nose weight 250kg
Kartt Caravan 48mm Jockey Wheel KJW4808
Designed in collaboration with the Caravan and Motorhome Club, Unique ergonomic and safety-focussed features, Heavy duty and virtually maintenance-free, Solid rubber wheel will not puncture.
ALKO Premium Jockey Wheel 1552197
ALKO Premium Jockey Wheel with Nose Weight Gauge