Jockey Wheels
Kartt Premium 43mm Jockey Wheel KJW43L
Kartt Premium jockey wheel with smooth outer tube. 43mm. dia. tube, Solid rubber tyre on metal rim.
(Ex £49.00)
Kartt Premium 48mm Jockey Wheel Heavy Duty KJW4805
Kartt Orange Premium 48mm smooth medium duty jockey with 200mm x 56mm metal wheel & rubber tyre Max nose weight 250kg
(Ex £52.00)
Kartt Caravan 48mm Jockey Wheel KJW4808
Designed in collaboration with the Caravan and Motorhome Club, Unique ergonomic and safety-focussed features, Heavy duty and virtually maintenance-free, Solid rubber wheel will not puncture.
(Ex £63.33)
ALKO Premium Jockey Wheel 1552197
ALKO Premium Jockey Wheel with Nose Weight Gauge
(Ex £119.13)