Erde 153 Trailer Accessories
Erde Trailer 143/153 Flat Cover
Flat soft waterproof cover in grey complete with elastic rope & eyelets.
Erde Trailer 143/153 Ladder Rack
Heavy duty galvanised steel construction. Easily fitted with bolts supplied. For trailers MP6810, 3812 and 6815. Also fits MP711, 712, 715, Erde 102 & 122
Erde 143/153 30cm High Cover and Frame 68158
High Cover and Frame Fits Erde 143/153. Durable tubular steel frame with reinforced PVC cover. The most economic way to double load space in the trailer
Erde Universal Load Bars 68107
These load bars make it easy to carry many item to your Erde trailer such as roof boxes, cycle carriers, or to carry longer item such as ladders and DIY materials to your Erde trailer making it even more versatile. This could free up a lot of space in your vehicle.
Erde Universal Load Bars Fits ABS Hard Covers 68127
Erde load bars are perfectly designed to fit directly onto the trailers side of a Daxara or Erde without damaging them. Allowing items like cycle carriers and roof boxes to be added They fit any of the Erde and Daxara camping range. They also have the added benefit of being able to be fitted along with a soft vinyl flat cover.
Erde 143/153 60cm High Cover and Frame 68153
60cm High Cover and Frame Fits MP6815, Erde 143 and 153 Trailers. Durable tubular steel frame with reinforced PVC cover. Protects from the elements
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Erde 143/153 Hard Top Cover
ABS hardtop cover with gas strut, locks and all the fittings for Erde 143 trailer and Erde 153 Trailer.