Erde 143/153 Hard Top Cover
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ABS hardtop cover with gas strut, locks and all the fittings for Erde 143 trailer and Erde 153 Trailer.
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Erde 143/153 Hard Top Cover ABS

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The DCP150 hardtop cover is a great bit of kit for your Erde 143 trailer. A hard lid allows volume and security to your Erde 143. The DCP150 lockable hard lid gives an extra 20cm of height and two lockable catches on the trailers rear give extra safety and protection. This ensures additional peace of mind by knowing you have somewhere safe to keep your valuables whilst you are camping by locking them into your Erde 143 trailer.

The DCP150 hard top for Erde 143 is a moulded ABS body and a galvanised steel frame. There is no need to drill for Erde 143 trailer when installing the lockable lid. It can then be easily removed if the lid is temporally not needed. Opening the DCP150 lid is effortless with the lid support that allows the lid to hold itself up while open.

If you would like to add bicycles onto your Erde 143 trailer, simply add BC001 load bars to your DCP150 lid. This allows you to add cycle carriers onto your Erde trailer.

Please note: It is not recommended to try and open the lid whilst bicycle are fixed on top. This may cause the lid to unexpected close and shorten the life of the lid support.

The DCP150 is a Daxara part manufactured by Erde in France.
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