Erde Universal Load Bars Fits ABS Hard Covers 68127
£ 179.93
Erde load bars are perfectly designed to fit directly onto the trailers side of a Daxara or Erde without damaging them. Allowing items like cycle carriers and roof boxes to be added They fit any of the Erde and Daxara camping range. They also have the added benefit of being able to be fitted along with a soft vinyl flat cover.
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MP68127 Universal Load Bars Fits ABS Hard Covers

  • Load bars improve the versatility of your trailer by giving you a platform to mount additional accessories such as bicycle rails or roof boxes. Goods can also be transported on the load bars as long as they are properly secured you are not exceeding the bars maximum weight of 75kg. Please be aware of your trailers maximum gross weight when loading additional items on to load bars and roof boxes.
  • Universal load bars can be fitted to all ABS covers:
  • Constructed from galvanised steel
  • They are ideal to mount bike racks and roof boxes
  • Increasing the flexibility of how the trailer is used
  • When carrying items on the load bars, the weight of the items must be factored in to the total load weight you intend to place in the main body of the trailer, so that you don’t exceed the weight carrying capacity of the trailer

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