Fit2Go Extra Tyre Pressure Sensors
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Fit2Go Extra Tyre Pressure Sensors 2 x Additional / Replacement Sensors
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Fit2Go Extra Tyre Pressure Sensors

  • Package Contents: - 2 x Additional / Replacement Tyre Pressure Sensors
  • Tyre Pressure Range: 0 – 6 bar (87PSI)
  • Wheel Position Detection Range: 7 metres (23ft 0in)
  • Maximum Number of Sensors: Up to 8 x Sensors
  • Warranty: 12-months with Fit2Go
  • Water Resistance: Sensors Tested to IP67 Standard (1 metre depth)
Fit2Go Additional / Replacement Tyre Pressure Sensors (TPMS) – 2 x Sensors
With over approximately 60% of cars on the road running with incorrectly-inflated tyres, TPMS systems (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems) are recognised as a vital safety aid to help prevent issues with tyre under-inflation and the accident risk / increased running costs associated with it.
This pack of 2 Tyre Pressure Sensors can be used to replace any current sensors where the battery is low, or can be used as additional sensors for a caravan or trailer.
With the Fit2Go system able to use up to 8 sensors, all the car tyres and up to a twin-axle caravan / trailer tyres can be simultaneously monitored.
  • Just fit the sensors onto the tyre valve – the Fit2Go receiver automatically detects them;
  • NOTE: Ensure the tyres are set to the correct pressure before fitting the Tyre Pressure Sensors for the first time (the sensors will auto-calibrate to the current pressure).
  • No programming and no assigning individual wheel sensors to the receiver – Fit2Go is ready to work straight away;
  • Built-in accelerometers sleep the sensor when the wheel is not moving to preserve battery life;
  • Bright LED lights in the sensor flash to warn of tyre under-inflation.