Bulldog AJ10 Hitchlock
£ 92.95
The AJ10 is an easy fit hitchlock for Alko and stabiliser hitch heads, it fits the latest 2012 AKS3004 as well as the original 3004 model. Other models it fits include AKS2004, AK160 and AK300
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Designed to be strong easily handled and resistant to the most determined attacks, the Bulldog AJ10 hitchlock fits both the original Alko 3004 and new 3004 hitch heads. It covers both securing bolts and has a unique feature that allows the stabiliser handle to be completely lowered whilst the caravan is attached to the tow vehicle.
Fitting the AJ10 is simplicity itself, just place the laser profiled steel hood over the handle of the hitch and lock it in place with the 25mm diameter Sold Secure approved lock bolt. For increased security the lock is positioned under the hitch head to safeguard against any attempt to lever the hitchlock off. Versatile will fit hitched, unhitched or in conjunction with a Bulldog lock post, can be used with the hitchead stabiliser handle engaged. Well proven Sold Secure approved high security drill and pick resistant lock. Highly visible red powder coated finish. Complete with steel ball to restrict access to the towing point. Insurance Approved. British manufactured and sold with Bulldog 5 year Guarantee.
  • For Alko Stabiliser Hitch
  • Fits AKS2004 & aks3004
  • Sold Secure Gold Approval
  • Number of Keys: 2
  • Weight: 4 Kg
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  • Fits Alko AKS3004 and AKS2004 stabiliser hitch heads and Alko AK160 and AK300 hitches.
  • Insurance Approved.
  • Unique feature allows the stabiliser handle to be completely lowered when the lock is fitted.
  • Utilises Bulldog’s case hardened Super Lock Bolt which features a 25mm shaft and a drill and pick resistant lock.
  • The Lock bolt is positioned under the hitch to safeguard against any attempt to lever the lock off.
  • Can be used hitched or unhitched or with a Bulldog Security Post.
  • Supplied with a steel ball for use when not attached to a vehicle or post.
  • Covers the hitch handle and fixing bolts.
  • Finished in bright red powder coating for high deterrent effect.
  • Features just 2 parts that can be fitted in seconds.
  • Weighs just 2.9kg including bag and steel ball.
  • Dimensions 130mm long 140mm wide and 162mm high.
  • Supplied with 2 keys and instructions.