Thule WingBar Edge 9595 Silver
£ 235.00
Now even closer to perfection - the most safe and silent roof rack is now also available customised fit. The new Thule WingBar Edge is practically noiseless. The low profile and close fit to the roof creates a stunning look and reduces the overall height of the load.
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Thule WingBar Edge 9595

The most safe and silent roof rack. Now in low fit.
Thule WingBar Edge for cars with pre-installed fixpoints and solid integrated roof rails


  • Low profile and close fit to the roof creates a stunning look.
  • Smoothly arched for a slim fit.
  • Universal fit by the use of telescopic feet (50 mm/side).
  • Pre-assembled and complete packed for easy handling.
  • Using airplane technology to minimize sound and fuel consumption.
  • WindDiffuser™ diverts the air currents.
  • Trail Edge™ for reduced air resistance.
  • Double molded plastic caps for best appearance and easy fitting.
  • A kit-based roof rack system. Use the Thule Buyer's Guide to find out which roof rack fits your car.
  • City Crash approved for 75 kg according to ISO Norm.