Milenco Grand Aero 3 Towing Mirror 2073
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Twin Pack Flat Glass
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Milenco Grand Aero 3 Towing Mirror 2073

The Grand Aero 3 Mirror offers all the benefits of the Aero 3 Mirror, plus the maximum view possible, combined with very high stability. With the Grand Aero 3 Mirror it enables you to see the top and bottom of your caravan so you can avoid hazards, such as low trees branches, sign posts sticking out etc. As you would expect from Milenco, this is a very high quality product, manufactured with the best materials available.

Grand Aero 3 mirrors are available in the following options;
  • Twin-pack Flat in carry-case
  • Product Code: 2073
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It has been designed to offer superior vision and a vibration free view far past your caravan. It also complies with the very latest International regulations, and far exceeds all legal requirements in every EU member state. This mirror also complies with the very latest pedestrian safety laws and is engineered to minimise injury in the event of an accident. This is a very high quality product and is manufactured with the highest quality materials available. The mirror screws are high-grade stainless steel and turn in brass inserts that will never corrode. The mirror glass is chrome safety glass, which will offer extremely long life and will not discolour after a few years. The unique and new clamping system (patented plus international patents pending) now on the Aero 3 Mirror is further improved to have much greater grip and improved fitment. The clamps will now fit on vehicles with compound tapered flanges on the vehicle mirror housing, such as on 2016 Land Rovers, Jaguar's and BMW's. These new clamps offer an outstanding and versatile system, which is engineered to fit all current (post 1995) cars, 4x4's and vans. This system has easy to use thumb wheels on tilting axis, which enable the clamps to 'shape' to the contours of the vehicles mirror, allowing totally versatile fitting. Another innovation of this design is the upgraded gripper system, so you do not lose the grip pads. This design also does away with unreliable straps that transfer vibration. The mirror head design (Registered Design) utilises airflow around your car to stabilise and balance the mirror head at speed. This mirror has been extensively tested at speeds up to 250kph (155 mph), to ensure that you get the best vision possible. This design also offers superior performance in high winds and the effect of passing large commercial vehicles has been minimised. Should I have Flat or Standard Mirror’s ? Worldwide Milenco sell more Standard than flat Mirrors. In the UK there is an historical preference for buying Flat Mirrors as against Standard. We believe this date’s back to the time when other manufacturers convex mirror’s gave a severely distorted the view, making distance judgement difficult. Milenco Standard Mirror’s have typically the same radius as 95% of car door mirror’s, they will give you the same field of view as you are used to when driving or reversing. Flat Mirror’s will give a smaller field of view, than your car mirrors. Whichever Milenco Mirror you choose you will be getting the best quality and the best field of view possible, but if you ask us our opinion which is better, we would say Standard. Milenco mirrors have won every test of Mirrors globally since the mid 90’s, every Milenco mirror that has won these tests, has been Standard. Should I have Standard or Extra Wide ? Typically, our Extra Wide Mirrors are made for 2.5m (8 feet) Caravans, however if you have a narrow car, you may indeed need Extra Wide Mirrors with a 2.3m caravan. We do see a lot of cars towing with mirrors, that are set too close to the vehicle body when in fact to be compliant with the law, the mirror head should be set out far enough to see fully down the side of the caravan. (see diagram) As a simple test, if you look down the side of your caravan from the rear looking forward, you should be able to see the entire mirror head projecting outside either side of the caravan Milenco make Mirrors with Standard Arms and Extra Wide Arms. Everyone know the slogan “If you can’t see my mirrors I can’t see you” This is a simple guide but if in doubt ask your Milenco dealer.