Maypole Trailer MP6812 c/w FREE Cover
£ 334.95
This trailer is equivalent in size to the Daxara 127 and the Erde 122, its made in the same factory and is a more basic model than ERDE 122 trailer, with the Daxara 127 trailer being top of the range. All accessories that fit the ERDE 122/Daxara 127 trailer will fit this trailer.
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Maypole Trailer MP6812 c/w FREE Cover

*** Collection ONLY. *** ASSEMBLED
  • Meets and exceeds the new type approval legislation (supplied with a Certificate of Conformity & VIN plate).
  • Best value for money.
  • Camping, leisure and light commercial trailer.
  • 125 x 97 x 41cm External box size.
  • 120 x 92 x 35cm Internal box size.
  • 1960 x 1270 x 869mm Full size.
  • Load capacity 337kg.
  • Unladen weight 63kg
  • Load space area 1.10m2
  • Load space volume 0.39m2
  • Maintenance free rubber suspension.
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant galvanised steel construction.
  • Recessed lights.
  • Non tipping and has a drop down tailgate.
  • Extensive range of accessories and spares.
  • Full Manufacturer's Warranty and technical support.
  • Suggested jockey wheel MP225