Erde 213 Car Trailer Trailer
£ 1,099.99
The Erde 213 trailer is a mid-range commercial trailer with a 4ft wide floor space. The 213 is a very robust trailer that is ideal for many uses. This trailer also has recessed lights like some smaller models in the ‘leisure’ range, so it can be stood on end whilst in storage.
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Erde 193 Light Commercial Trailer

*** Collection ONLY *** ASSEMBLED

  • Meets and exceeds the type approval legislation (supplied with a Certificate of Conformity & VIN plate)
  • A-Frame drawbar
  • Profiled galvanised Mudguards
  • Reinforced side panels
  • Galvanised steel Chassis
  • Galvanised & painted steel mudguards
  • Forward mounted cycle deflectors
  • Inset rear light clusters
  • Removeable/Drop down double skinned front & rear tailgates
  • Tipping body
  • Button hooks fitted for cover
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  • Gross Vehicle Weight  750kg
  • Unladen Weight 190kg
  • Carrying capacity 560kg
  • Internal body dimensions:
         2.05m long - 6'7"ft
         1.35m wide - 4'4"ft
         0.40m high - 1'3"ft
  • 145 x R13 wheel & tyres
  • Flat Cover
  • 30cm High Cover
  • 60cm High Cover
  • Mesh Sides
  • Side Extenders
  • Load Bars
  • Spare Wheel
  • Spare Wheel Carrier
  • Hardtop Cover
  • Loadbars for Hardtop
  • Ladder Rack
  • Telescopic Jockey Wheel
  • Rear Stabilising Stands
  • Wheel Clamps
  • Coupling Locks
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