Bulldog Wheel Clamp QD34
£ 149.95
The Bulldog QD34 is a fully approved wheel clamp which can be fitted in place to protect your vehicle within seconds. The QD33 fits tyre size 185/70 R13 designed to fit steel wheels.
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Bulldog Wheel Clamp QD34

  • Dual purpose clamp ideal for both towing and storage.
  • Fits 185/70 R13 wheels on caravans and trailers.
  • Fits steel wheels.
  • Fitted in seconds without the use of the key. 
  • High security drill and pick resistant lock. 
  • Lower arms case hardened. 
  • Large disk protects wheel nuts. 
  • Compact easily stored in the front locker. 
  • Sold Secure Silver approval
  • Insurance Approved.
Not your wheel size?
Magazine reviews- 
Practical Caravan Best Buy. 
"The QD is light and easy to fit which makes it ideal for touring. In fact the QD is a cinch to fit thanks to clear instructions and few moving parts."
Auto Express Best Buy. 
"The large centre section protected the wheel nuts and separate plates in the legs jammed the device against the tyre to prevent it being prised off. It was hardened in all the right places particularly the lock and could not be defeated quickly or quietly."
Caravan Club Magazine-
"Bulldog´s QD comes supplied in just three parts and it´s easy to assemble. It´s a quality piece of kit thats been well designed with a good quality Chubb style lock. It´s less bulky than the Milenco Clamps too."

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